You can use our visuals to share the petition on social media here.

We, a group of independent students, have launched this initiative but it is now in the hands of every European citizen!

Besides sharing the petition on social media to inform your friends and relatives, you can join the Facebook group from which the campaign is organised. Help us with translations, visuals, research, contacting organisations, etc…

If you don’t use Facebook, please contact us via e-mail to join the campaign!

Signatures on paper

Signatures can also be collected on paper! Each petition form must match the nationality (or the country of residence) of the signatory. Only three people can sign per side of the sheet. More information on each petition form:

Österreich, België, Belgique, България, Hrvatska, Κύπρος, Česká republika, Danmark, Eesti, Suomi, France, Deutschland, Ελλάδα, Magyarország, Ireland, Italia, Latvija, Lietuva, Luxembourg, Malta, Nederland, Polonja, Portugal, România, Slovensko, Slovenija, España, Sverige, United Kingdom.

Once you are done collecting statements of support, please send us an email to know where to send them:

You will need to send them to your responsible ministry or to us before May 2020 (we won’t open the enveloppes for privacy reasons).