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Transport & Environment promotes, at EU and global level, a transport policy based on the principles of sustainable development.

We are part of the network Stay Grounded

Stay Grounded is a Global Network to counter aviation – for a just transport system.

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Flight Tax Initiative for Finland is a campaign started early 2019 by some active, worried Finnish citizens. Their aim is to get a flight tax to Finland, because flights are too cheap compared to more sustainable modes of transport. The good experiences from Sweden, from Finland in 1990s, and the public opinion in Finland shows that citizens are favorable to this kind of taxation model.

Our friends from Sail to the COP are sailing 12.000km to the UN Climate Conference in Chili, for a fair and sustainable future of travel!
Read more about the journey and the reason on

We Stay on the Ground is a Swedish organisation that aims to spread awareness about the climate impact from flying and work for reduced air travel. We started the campaign Fligth Free 2020 in which people pledge to stay on the ground next year – provided that 100,000 people from their country promise to do the same thing. The campaign is now run all over the world. Read more and sign up at für nachhaltige Entwicklung eG is a German sustainable insurance
company in the course of formation. Insurance companies invest our contributions in order to
generate profit – often without considering what companies they are supporting with their
investments. is going to change the insurance industry – making it friendly, transparent,
cooperative and sustainable!

Zomer Zonder Vliegen is a campaign that wants to raise greater awareness about the impact of air travel.

NoFlyClimateSci is a campaign led by academics and earth scientists which aims at rising the public’s sense of climate urgency in order to accelerate large-scale political action and share experiences.

The ECI Campaign is an organization  exclusively working for the successful introduction and implementation of the European Citizens’ Initiative right.

ATERRA is a collective of individuals and groups in Portugal that advocates the reduction of air traffic and a form of mobility that respects the limits of the planet.

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