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  • Aviation is already responsible for at least 5% man-made climate change.
  • Intra-EU aviation CO2 emissions have increased by 26,3% over the past 5 years.
  • In 2018, they grew 4.9% to 67.5 million tonnes of CO2 which almost equals the total annual emissions of Portugal (72.5 million tonnes in 2016).

Despite these alarming numbers, the price of plane tickets is kept artificially low in Europe. The most climate damaging mode of transport is benefiting from unjustified, unfair and harmful tax advantages:

  • Airlines pay no fuel tax in the EU, while many countries in the rest of the world, including Saudi Arabia, have a kerosene tax for domestic flights.
  • Furthermore, VAT is not applied for international plane tickets.

It is time to end the absurd kerosene tax exemption in Europe and use the tax revenues to invest in the European railway infrastructure! This is why we, a group of students from all over the EU, have launched a European Citizens’ Initiative that calls to end to the kerosene tax exemption in the EU.

Sign our official petition registered by the European Commission to make mobility in Europe more sustainable! Depending on your nationality, you might need your identity document or your passport in order for your government to make your signature official. Once our petition has collected one million signatures from European citizens, the European Commission will propose the introduction of a kerosene tax for flights within the EU.

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This kerosene tax exemption leads to:

  • Distortion of competition, as these tax advantages financially incentivise us to choose flying over taking trains, since the latter don’t enjoy such tax incentives despite being considerably greener.
  • No incentive for airlines to reduce their emissions as sustainable and renewable alternatives are more expensive than kerosene.
  • A shortfall of €8bn in tax revenues to finance the transition to a carbon-free mobility.
  • Climate injustice. The EU must promote green mobility instead of encouraging the use of the most carbon-intensive mode of transport.
  • Social injustice as car drivers in the EU pay on average a 48 cts / litre tax to fill up their tanks while a tiny minority of the EU population flies.

Why is it necessary to firstly act on a European level?

  • No measure has been taken at the global level to reduce aviation emissions despite decades of negotiations.
  • European governments are concerned that a national aviation taxation would undermine the competitiveness of their national airports and airlines.

Our European Citizens’ Initiative demands the end of the privilege of the aviation sector. This means introducing a tax on aviation fuel (kerosene) for flights within the EU.

Our proposal:

  • Seeks to use the European-wide tax revenues to finance carbon-free mobility across Europe by investing in greener modes of transport (especially railways) and in research and development in carbon-free mobility.
  • Recommends the maintenance of a tax exemption for flights to and from islands that are not connected to mainland Europe via any means other than air travel. 
  • Endorses a regressive tax rate for aviation fuel which would decrease as the distance of the flight increases.

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